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10/17/2010 - 10/21/2010
John Ascuagas Nugget
Reno, Nevada

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Event Details

SPLASH isnt just a new name for our favorite conference—SPLASH has a new charter and mission: To bring together practitioners and researchers who are passionate about software, programming, design, and software engineering to explore the frontiers of software and software practice. SPLASH takes most of its name from OOPSLA: Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity. OOPSLAs original mission of understanding and promoting objects has been mostly achieved with the pervasive adoption of objects, though there is still a lot of work to do. But OOPSLA has always exceeded its mission—being an engine for innovation and incubating important new ideas related even remotely to objects. OOPSLA has helped spawn multiple technologies and conferences including the Unified Modeling Language UML MODELS conference, Agile, AspectOriented Programming AOP, Onward!, WikiSym, Design Patterns and the Pattern Languages of Programs PLoP conferences, and the Dynamic Languages Symposium DLS.

This year SPLASH will host several collocated conferences


The future is becoming more intriguing with multicore computers, a variety of scripting and dynamic languages, ultralarge scale, new concepts for computing, and new societal, commercial, engineering, and scientific demands, to name a few things and so SPLASH is taking on those challenges by providing a conference to explore them alongside collocated, externally organized workshops, symposia, conferences, and new organizations for collaborative exploration—these in addition to practitioner reports, tutorials, workshops, panels, an educators symposium, a doctoral symposium, keynotes, and invited talks on topics in SPLASHs expanded mission.

OOPSLA, though, is not ending. OOPSLA remains one of the premier programming language conferences. OOPSLA will live on as a research conference focusing on technical papers and presentations aimed at refining and extending our understanding of objects and related technologies—and perhaps uncovering solutions to those new challenges. The streamlined OOPSLA will be one of two founding collocated SPLASH conferences. The other is Onward!.

Onward! is a software and programming conference dedicated to exploring the far frontiers of research and practice along with new ways of presenting research and practical results.

SPLASH will be the frame for these conferences. SPLASH will look for emerging trends and ideas, to bring them together to see what sparks ignite fire, and to make a place for people to exchange ideas who have perhaps never worked together before.

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