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Block World

09/12/2018 - 09/14/2018

San Jose Hiltion
San Jose, California

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Join 3,000 blockchain & cryptocurrency investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and developers in Silicon Valley this September! BlockWorld 2018 will be the world’s largest crowd-powered Blockchain event with 3,000 participants voting on the top speakers, awards, startup pitches, and digital book entries. Our goal is to give the community the power over the BlockWorld Conference.

2018 Theme: The Decentralized Cloud

At BlockWorld, we believe that cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and decentralized apps are just the beginning of a larger move towards a decentralized cloud. Instead of one company or one cloud managing / owning your data, identity, or app, blockchain makes it possible for decentralized data, decentralized ownership, decentralized identity, decentralized infrastructure and software. This is a paradigm shift away from the monolithic cloud towards the decentralized cloud. In the same way that the internet and internet protocols decentralized information, blockchain will decentralize the cloud itself.

BlockWorld includes a conference, expo, and startup competition covering all of the following topics:

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