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O'Reilly: Velocity Conference

06/10/2019 - 06/13/2019

San Jose McEnery Convention Center
San Jose, California

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Accelerate your systems

As technology advances, systems grow more complex—with so many moving pieces, interconnected teams, and the increasing popularity of cloud technologies, it's essential that you not only keep up, but stay ahead of what's coming next.

Velocity will help you to understand not only the full distributed systems stack, but the nuances of cloud-native systems as well. Plus, you'll gain the knowledge and expertise to address issues as they arise, and solve them quickly. We're a community focused on sharing new strategies, tools, architectures, and approaches to help you learn how to build and maintain the fast and reliable systems your organization depends on.

Since 2008, Velocity has built a talented and diverse community that continues to lead the way in the systems and operations space. For the 2019 program, we're looking for speakers on both technical and non-technical topics that address:

  • Cloud, Cloud-Native, and Infrastructure—New for 2019
  • Serverless
  • Containers, Kubernetes, and Microservices
  • Monitoring, Observability, and Performance
  • SRE and DevOps
  • Distributed Data and State
  • Security
  • Systems Engineering and Architecture
  • Leadership
  • Emerging Tech (Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain)—New for 2019
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