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SwampUP 2020

06/22/2020 - 06/24/2020

Fairmont San Jose
San Jose, California

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swampUP 2020 Themes

DevOps Culture and Digital Transformation:

As you know by now, DevOps is about culture and collaboration. It is also the main driving force behind a successful Digital Transformation of any organization. You’ll learn from experience about successes and failures, hear some of the best practices and even get some insights from human psychology and organizational sociology, because DevOps is about humans and organizations.

Enterprise DevOps:

We just celebrated the first decade of DevOps, and by now it’s clear that it’s not a passing trend of the fancy startups. It’s here to stay, it’s “adapt or die”, and even the most traditional, rigid and conservative enterprises are trying to do DevOps right. How to do DevOps right at scale? This is what this theme is about.

Cloud-Native DevOps:

Cloud-Native and DevOps are peanut-butter and jelly. Cloud is one of the accelerators of DevOps and DevOps enabled cloud-native computing in the way we know it today. Kubernetes, Helm and friends are in the core of most DevOps implementations because scalability, resilience, automation, IaC and observability make DevOps possible.


Yes, DevSecOps is a marketing term to draw attention, but it exists because it’s important. We move faster and faster, security gets harder and harder, and it’s easy to drop the ball. Have no worries, swampUP is here to help! Learn about the tools, techniques, and approaches to security that are compatible with DevOps and won’t leave you exposed when you move fast.

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